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Enterprise & SAAS Solutions

ESG works with utilities and various utility support organizations to develop and deploy DSM program management systems and solutions. Through our Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform (EECP), we change the way energy utilities manage vital demand-side management programs.


Today, utilities seek effective solutions to manage DSM and energy efficiency (EE) programs benefiting consumers and utilities alike. For many utilities, management of program information is time-consuming and tedious: multiple spreadsheets, makeshift reporting, and limited automation. But we can change all that, quickly and easily. EECP simplifies everything in a single, powerful, enterprise-level software tool that we configure to your business rules and requirements. We also offer a cloud-based SaaS solution.


EECP brings together varied energy efficiency programs into a unified tracking system to ensure standardization of internal processes, program quality and the programs themselves. Think about how your program can be enhanced with state-of-the-art Workflow Automation, Reporting, Business Rule Enforcement, Security, Data Integrity and Validity.


This comprehensive business intelligence reporting solution offers a consistent view into program information. From a set of standard “one-click” reports or from our ad-hoc reports, enhanced program management has never been easier. It’s everything you need: financial management and real-time forecasting, a universal dashboard with real-time statistics, and monitoring of program health with automatic escalation.


Integration is a key feature to EECP with our ability to seamlessly bring together other internal systems and external vendors/systems. We integrate easily with SAP, Oracle, Cisco and CSS on the systems side and numerous external vendors involved in energy efficiency and demand-side management. The result: clean, easy-to-use, familiar tools that make analyzing and growing your business a snap. That’s how we at ESG simplify everything.